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Projects » Wullie & Anne

Category: Landscaping

Location: Milngavie

Wullie & Anne had a steep awkward garden, which only allowed for a narrow living area at the top of the house, the rest of the garden being totally redundant.

The position of the steps and the shed left limited space for their Patio.

The initial part of the project involved moving a section of slope at the bottom of the garden into the skip creating space for the shed sitting at the top. Base was lain for shed and sleeper walls used to retain soil. Shed was then dismantled and rebuilt on new base.

Existing concrete stairs were skipped and new anti-slip stairs constructed at opposite end of wall. New stairs and path ,( sleeper construction) led off stairs down to bottom of garden.

Slope was covered in woodchip, with shrubs and bushes planted.

New patio was lain at top of garden and cantilevered deck provided additional private space to corner.

Rail and gates installed along top of existing wall kept dogs secure.