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Projects » Paula & Debbie

Category: Landscaping

Location: Burnside

Paula & Debbie required substantial work to their long sloping garden.

We divided garden into 3 sections, bringing in digger to move soil around garden to create each new level.

Upper garden was covered in bark to do away with the maintenance and provide seating area for stunning views across Glasgow.

Middle section was retained with sleeper walls, with a unique twist or make that a curve. Topsoil was brought in then new lawn lain.

Lower section had recessed steps up to new lawn, unique curved sleeper wall with star paved infill plus we provided wooden curved seating ( cut from a slab of solid Birch ). Wood chips provided covering to one side, with quartz chips to other and blue/grey chipped path to divide.

New fencing was erected up either side of garden.

* The acoustics from the seating area are apparently first class!