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Welcome to Macdeck Landscaping

Macdeck Landscaping is a specialist Decking company that has gradually moved into Landscaping due to demand from customers for the additional finishing to complete their gardens. We specialize in decking, timber structures, landscaping and garden redesign with an innovative look to each project.

Our Engineering background enables us to deal with the most awkward of gardens, whether it’s a steep slope, crumbling wall, awkward corner or even flooded ground - providing innovative solutions which allow us to create designs that transform your garden, can provide more space and enhance the value of your home.

We have been transforming gardens for over 15 years and we adopt a "belt & braces" approach - ensuring the design we create & build is a safe environments for years ahead.

Our work covers Central Scotland, with projects taking us further afield to Skye, Arran, Loch Lomond and Argyll.

For enquiries please call: 079 7904 7250